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End of the Road
At our core, Birch is dedicated to advancing the art of filterless fullrange speakers.
These deceptively simple speakers rely on only one cone and an enclosure to produce the entire audible frequency range. These are truly the rarest breed of speakers made and for a good reason; they present such a puzzle that they are quickly dismissed by most designers. The allure of single drivers is enticing as it can do things no other speaker can attempt: perfect impluse response, time & phase correct, single point source imaging, filterless connection to the voicecoil, extreme efficiency.
When heard these qualities are intoxicating: a rightness is heard even though common convention says it must be wrong. The affects of directness, coherance, and natural detail can be maddening to hear as they can only be hinted at in the best conventional designs. We tirelessly chased the conundrum of filterless fullrange speakers; to conquer their challenges and still maintain their magic. After years of research and development Birch has crafted a line of skillfully engineered speakers which allow the almost impossible ideal of fullrange single driver speakers to be realised.